iOT Consultation & System Integration Services

Identification & Quantification


Internet of Things (iOT) is changing the business landscape, creating opportunities for new sources of revenue, smarter interactions with customers, and greater efficiencies. The real promise of iOT lies in the ability to combine machine-generated data with data created by humans for deeper insight, understanding, and real-time decision making. iOT solutions will have a significant impact on nearly every industry, creating new business models and new sources of operational efficiencies.

Architecture Definition


Once the use cases are identified we help in defining a scalable architecture. We ensure that the architecture is capable of providing end to end solution by connecting all necessary modules in different layers.

Hardware, Software Component & Platform Selection

We further engage with our clients to get deep into Hardware and Software architecture. We have a team of strong people with excellent hardware and software knowledge and we involve these experts in identifying the right hardware and software components including the selection on using appropriate IoT platforms.

Partner Identification & Engagement

We understand many clients don’t have sufficient knowledge on IoT technologies and it is difficult for them to identify right partners and define engagement models with them. Once the architecture gets finalized and individual components are identified we help our clients in choosing right partners and we play a key role in front ending these partners to meet quality and financial commitments of our clients.

Sensor Node Design & Integration


We have a strong team of embedded engineers who are capable of designing sensor nodes for different application. Be it a sensor node for water quality monitoring or be it a sensor node for environment monitoring we have the expertise in identifying right sensors with signaling circuits, calibrating them and connecting them to the embedded controllers.

We can work with different hardware interface protocols (like UART, MODBUS, RS422) while connecting the sensors to controllers and further establishing a communication link (using BLE, Zigbee, wifi, LoRA etc) from these sensor nodes to gateway or edge devices.

Cloud Connectivity


We have hands on experience in working with Industry standard IoT platforms like AWS IoT, IBM Watson etc.

Edge Computing

We have built strong expertise in using gateway devices like RPI or using custom built gateway devices in building local intelligence and decision making support including edge database creation, population and periodic synchronization with cloud. We understand the importance of Edge Analytics using AI and ML technologies.

Managed Services

We believe in long term collaboration and we continue our engagement from ideation to Post deployment support for our clients.


Smart Appliance Control (iSAC)

Enable smart control of your IR operated appliances like Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens, Coffee Makers, Set top boxes etc by deploying iSAC in your home / office.

Elegant Design

Intelligent controller to which all IR based appliances can be connected.

Fully Responsive


A tiny device to be fixed in the line of sight of the appliance under control (like AC unit).

Friendly Support

Mobile application to have a visual view of all appliances and control them remotely.


Aqua Quality View (AQU)

After months of data analysis and work by the iProtechs Research and development team, we have come up with a unique solution to monitoring various parameters - even in maintaining certain water environments. This where the magic starts, our solution's are RealtimeAccurate and Consistent.

AQU is an Engineering Innovation from iProtechs to measure water quality parameters. Get the most important quality parameters like pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Salinity, Total Dissolved Solids, Dissolved Oxygen, and Hardness measured in fraction of minutes.

Visualize the parameters using a mobile application and know your readings against standards. Avail our services in measuring water quality of your Pond Water Fishery, Aquarium Culture Or Drinking Water at Water Treatment Plant using our AQU Solution.