Case Studies



iProtechs team has built a solution for Dynatech, covering all their requirements. Our team has built a solution when admin uploads a new product it reflects in both Android and iOS apps dynamically. We have showcased their products in detailed by generating a PDF in the app, the customer can view/download the PDF and go through the specifications of each product. We have added an inquiry form where the customers can enquire about every product. Dynatech team receives a notification when an inquiry is made. Dynatech transport and inventory is made visible at all levels by which they serve the customer needs in time.


iProtechs team has gone through series of discussion with Hotel Meghalaya about the problems they are facing currently. We came up with a new architecture and design to make the online reservation easy by integrating a payment gateway. We have used Photo browser like phone gallery, where the customer can view photos of rooms in the mobile application. We made the features of the room visible online before reservation. Admin can Upload/Modify/Delete the Rooms and add additional features. We have added Maps into the application, easy to track the location.